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INAREK/SBB Ethics Sub-Committee Application and Consent Forms

Application and consent forms must be submitted by e-mail to . Signed hard copies must be separately submitted to the Institute for Graduate Studies in Social Sciences.

Notifications regarding the outcome of their applications will be sent to students by e-mail. Those whose applications are approved may collect their formal letters of approval from the Institute's office.

Dates of INAREK/SBB Ethics Sub-Committee Meetings - Spring 2017

MARCH: March 17, 2017
APRIL: April 7, 2017
MAY: May 5, 2017

For Advisors and Thesis Committee Members

 Turnitin Instructor User Manual 

Petitions (for students)

For the following requests, paper-based forms (see below) must be used:

  • assignment of the thesis advisor 
  • reporting of the thesis title
  • formation of various committees
  • reporting of qualifying exam, thesis progress exam and thesis defense results

Please consult the Flow Charts on Procedures for MA and PhD Students to find out which forms you need to submit.

For all other requests, an e-petition must be filed through Boğaziçi Student Information and Registration System (ÖBİKAS).

Downloadable Forms (for students)

MA Forms

PhD Forms

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